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There is no such thing as a brick wall.
Researching takes time, consistency & thorough researching to find the answers.
Are you ready to devote yourself?

These are our ancestors & their families.

If you tie into our lineages we would love to hear from you:

We do our best to back everything with sourced documents.

All purchased documented sources are in the process of being website watermarked.
We do not mind sharing our purchased documents without watermark,
for a small donation per page since they do cost us to get.
Please email us if you are interested in our sourced documents without the website watermarking.

Grave pictures are free!
We travel to cemeteries for ourselves and usually photograph entire cemeteries while out.

You may find non-working links this is because links have been put in place
& data is being added to connect those links together.

Any additions & corrections, hints or tips are gladly welcomed.

Thank you,
Cherrie & Jeff

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Thanks to our family for the stories & any other assistance provided with our research!

If you need some assistance in your
Louisiana genealogy research,
please feel free to let us know.
We will see if we can help accommodate you.

A donation would be appreciated to cover the cost of fuel, make copies and/or take photographs for you.

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